Beyond Business

EHS (Environment, Health & Safety) Policy

We commit to continuous improvement in our Environmental, Health and Safety performance. We establish goals based on significant EHS aspects and risks. We measure, review and report our progress. Conformance with this policy is the responsibility of every employee.

As Trion endeavor to become the most admired company in its market, Environmental - Health and Safety (EHS) is an integral part of this process by adding value and enhancing Trion’s competitive advantage in the marketplace. We direct our efforts in the following areas:

Sustainable Business

We commit to minimize the impact of our operations and products on the environment. Our EHS efforts focus on the prevention of injuries and illnesses, protection of the environment, conservation of resources and pollution prevention.


We believe that safety and health of our employees is paramount and that’s why proactively we are working on the prevention of all incidents, injuries, and occupational illnesses by educating, training and providing required PPEs to all our employees. We promote healthy lifestyles for our employees and their families.

Business Integration

We integrate EHS into all phases of Trion Business System. EHS excellence is integral to all of our business strategies.


We commit to meet or exceed regulatory and company requirements consistent with Trion’s Policies on Ethics and Compliance. We work to create a “zero incident mindset” and to continuously improve our EHS performance through the implementation of Trion’s EHS management system standard.

Customers, Suppliers and Contractors

EHS excellence is everyone’s responsibility. We partner with our customers, suppliers and contractors to create mutual value from our EHS programs.

Community and Government

We are committed to producing products in safe workplaces that are environmentally responsible. We participate in and contribute to local and governmental EHS initiatives that improve the quality of life in the communities where we live and work.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Policy

  • We recognize that our social, economic and environmental responsibilities to these stakeholders are integral to our business. We aim to demonstrate these responsibilities through our actions and within our corporate policies.
  • We take seriously all feedback that we receive from our stakeholders and, where possible, maintain open dialogue to ensure that we fulfill the requirements outlined within this policy.
  • We shall be open and honest in communicating our strategies, targets, performance and governance to our stakeholders in our continual commitment to sustainable development.
  • The Managing Director is responsible for the implementation of this policy and will make the necessary resources available to realize our corporate responsibilities. The responsibility for our performance on this policy rests with all employees throughout the company.